Meet Dani

Hi, I’m Danielle Marks Williamson, MS, RDN, the founder of Diets by Dani, a private practice specializing in nutrition counseling.  As a passionate registered dietitian nutritionist living in Miami, Florida, I love to cook, I love to eat well, and I love to curate nutrient-dense recipes fit for both the health enthusiast and the foodie.  I, myself, am a cross between the two.

Drawing upon my background with both a master’s degree in cognitive psychology from Colombia University and a master’s degree in dietetics and nutrition from Florida International University, I provide reliable, evidence-based, medical nutrition therapy and nutrition education to all my clients.  My style is approachable, honest, and above all flexible.  I’ll never give you a cookie cutter diet prescription because I believe all dietary counseling should be individualized, based on each client’s personal needs and desires.

Outside of Diets by Dani, I hold a position at the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida where I specialize in eating disorders, obesity and diabetes management.  I seek to help all of my clients achieve their nutrition goals through teaching lasting lessons that will give you the opportunity to thrive for years to come.



My dietary counseling is never a one size fits all approach. My clients are central to each one of my intervention plans – I want to know about your lifestyle, your food preferences, and your family’s needs and we’ll work from there.

I believe meal times should be pleasurable – not punishment! If something isn’t working for you, let’s find something that does.  I am always open to modifying plans that seem uncomfortable, undesirable, or too difficult to manage for your current lifestyle.  As you experience the changes of everyday life, your eating habits should be flexible too – I never endorse rigid food regimens.

As your dietitian I wear many hats including but not limited to acting as a coach, a mentor, a motivator, and a friend.  When it comes to children, I consider a host of factors such as your child’s food preferences, school/sports schedules, the family dynamics, and cost management.  I’ll teach your family intuitive eating skills, which include learning how to recognize your cues for hunger and fullness.   Most importantly, I encourage all of my clients to treat themselves – enjoying good food is central to living a happy, balanced life.


I’ve tried every diet, but nothing seems to work.  Why should I hire a dietitian?  

A registered dietitian works directly with patients to develop individualized meal plans taking lifestyle and medical history into consideration.  There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all standard prescription plan – each dietary intervention is tailored specifically to the patient’s personal needs. Not only can I help you manage your weight safely, but I can also prevent of further weight gain in the future.

I eat out all the time, and every time I turn around there is another holiday, vacation, or birthday celebration where I’m presented with an abundance of unhealthy food options.  How is this going to work?

My style of coaching is not a prescription for exactly what you should eat; instead think of it as a lifestyle change.  I’ll teach you how to build a healthy plate, consume proper portions, safely indulge, and optimize your nutrient intake at every meal.  By applying these methods, you’ll feel prepared to make healthy choices at both restaurants and special events.

I hate eating salads.  Does your plan include a variety of foods?

Eating healthy doesn’t mean exclusively eating salads.  There are plenty of ways to lose weight and optimize your fruit and vegetable intake without compromising on flavor and satisfaction.  I’ll share an abundance of healthy recipes (not limited to salads) that will help you achieve your goals.

Do you recommend a low carb diet to lose weight?

Going “low carb” to lose weight is so 90’s.  While completely eliminating carbohydrates from the diet may work for some people, I choose to take a more holistic approach to weight management that never involves eliminating an entire food group (unless it’s a medical necessity).  Carbs may have been demonized in the past, but they’re actually an essential macronutrient for many processes inside the body.  I’ll teach you to select whole grain, nutrient-dense carbohydrate sources that will keep you satiated and fueled throughout the day.

For Children

My child has been diagnosed with multiple food allergies. Can you help?

Food allergies can be intimidating, but we can work together to find an appropriate diet for your child, and assure his/her nutrient needs are being adequately met. During our meeting I’ll assess your child’s growth history, the current diet, the current symptoms (if any), the reaction history, the foods introduced and tolerated, the foods avoided, and the adequacy of allergen elimination.  You’ll be given appropriate guidelines for your child’s nutrient intake, helpful allergen-free recipes, and useful substitutions for common foods to which he/she is allergic.

My child is a very picky eater and he is underweight.  What can you do to help?

After your child undergoes a complete medical examination by a physician, it is important to assess your child’s diet to determine whether they are consuming adequate nutrients.  In addition to obtaining a diet history, I will gather information surrounding regular meal and snack time routines. I will provide information regarding recommended nutrient dense food sources for adding extra calories, and if necessary, we will discuss behavior management strategies in order to make mealtime pleasurable again.

My child is overweight.  Can working with you prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease?

Creating healthy dietary habits at a young age is essential to preventing health problems in the future.  I find that weight management for children works best when the whole family is on board with a healthy lifestyle.  I will teach your family to choose nutritious foods in appropriate portion sizes at every meal.  In addition, we’ll discuss how to read food labels so you’ll know exactly what to purchase in the grocery store.  I’ll give recommendations for your child’s physical activity needs, and if necessary, we will review your child’s blood work every few months until values of concern are within normal limits.  My goal to cultivate lasting habits so your child will approach food in a healthy manner for years to come.

Work With Me

Children’s Nutrition

I will perform a comprehensive nutrition assessment to determine each child’s unique requirements for calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals.  Topics most frequently addressed include picky eating, underweight status, weight management, food allergies, managing chronic diseases, etc.

Weight Management

I will provide support and nutrition education surrounding meal planning, proper portions, and optimal nutrient balance.  Each client is given individual calorie recommendations, recipe tips, physical activity guidelines and personal goals to work toward.

Food allergies/Sensitivities

Food allergies are very serious conditions that need careful consideration.  During the session we will discuss medical history, nutrition history, reaction history, food/drug interactions, as well as current signs and symptoms of each reaction.  I will recommend certain foods to avoid and other foods that are encouraged to introduce in order to ensure nutrient needs are met properly.  I will also provide support advising on label reading, specialty food products, recommended cookbooks, and emergency treatment plans.

Diabetes Management/Prevention

I will provide extensive education on healthy eating for a diabetic diet.  Topics covered include identifying carbohydrate containing foods, carbohydrate counting, label reading, and specific, individualized recommendations for each client’s carbohydrate intake.

Hypertensive/Low-salt Lifestyle

Adopting a low salt diet can be a difficult lifestyle change.  Using your personal food preferences, I will provide nutrition education on recommended food products to purchase, specific foods to avoid, common low sodium food substitutions, low-sodium cooking tips, and strategies for dining out.

Vegetarian/Vegan Diets

Meatless eating plans can be very healthy, but an RD can help you design an eating plan to ensure all nutrient needs are being met adequately.  We will discuss the differences as well as the pros and cons amongst the various types of vegetarian diets and decide together which plan is the right fit for you.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders should be addressed as early as possible.  It is the position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that the longer a person remains in a state of suboptimal nutrition, the more persistent and severe the eating disorder can become.  After the initial assessment, I will submit individualized recommendations for each patient’s intake of calories, protein and fluids to meet his/her needs.  During each session, the patient will receive counseling and nutrition education on how various nutrients contribute to an individual’s health and well-being.

Prenatal Nutrition

Pregnancy is a very exciting time and your body is experiencing tremendous changes.  Although we may think we are eating for two, in reality it can be dangerous to gain too much weight during pregnancy.  Sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regimen during pregnancy can reduce your risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and complications during labor.  It can also reduce your child’s risk of obesity in the future.  I’ll give you specialized recommendations for caloric and protein intake, advice on vitamin/mineral supplements, a personalized meal plan, and individual recommendations for weight gain to optimize your 40 weeks with a bun in the oven.



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